Thursday, October 16, 2008

Evil Tricksters

I found these super cute shoes last weekend while on a continued mission to rebuild my shoe collection after the Great Maverick Shoe Massacre. I immediately loved them. I tried them on, and they were so comfortable. I thought I had hit the jackpot. A fabulously cute pair of heels that are inexpensive and comfortable.

This was such an amazing discovery that I bought them in black too.

I was so excited to wear them to work. Monday morning I jumped out of bed (by jumped I mean I hit the snooze twice and cursed the world because it was morning), and threw on an outfit that would show of my new fabulous shoes. I got to work. Got lots of compliments. It was the best day.

30 minutes later -

Oh Dear God, my feet hurt so badly! I found myself slipping them off while I was at my desk. Only to cry and wimper when I had to put them back on.

It has now been 4 days, and I'm too scared to try them again. The pain was just too great. I'm trying to blame it on the fact that it was mine and the shoe's First Time together. The first time is rarely comforable, right? A little pain is normal.

How could the shoes do this to me? I trusted them. They were so comfortable in the store. They were so cute and charming. They caressed and seduced me. They were going to be the main event of my San Antonio weekend wardrobe (besides the purple coach!!).

To be fair, this is not all the shoes' fault. I bought the shoes because of their looks. I didn't care what was going on inside. I was being superficial and materialistic. If I wanted comfort I should have just bought a pair of Nikes, right?

I should give them another chance. Girls all over the world have been burned by shoes before. If the shoes and I are going to have a healthy relationship, then I should accept the good with the bad. I should realize that they're not perfect.

My feet are going to hate me, but I think the shoes are worth it.


Sara said...

Reminds me of the episode of Friends where Monica buys those really expensive boots that she must have only to find out that they are also really uncomfortable. Chandler has to carry her on the street and she loses the boots!

I had a similar pair of shoes that I wore to a job interview. I miscalculated where I had to park and ended up having to walk 1/2 mile. I ended up with a blister on the bottom of my foot the size of a golf ball. It would have sucked if I didn't get the job!

Jessica said...

Wow. I really really love those shoes. You have got to tell me where you found them. Maybe you just need to break them in. **crosses fingers** Shoes like those just HAVE to be worn.

Cherish said...

Eek! They are totally worth it, just give them a few more chances

MaryB said...

Love those shoes! Especially in the brown!

Where do they hurt? Maybe you could get some of the little gel tings they make for different places on the shoe like your heel or the ball or whatevs.

That episode of Friends was funny!

Melissa said...

You are awesome! ...

...that's all I have to say.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Shoes are love ;)

I'm tagging you. Someone tagged me. I'm tagging you yay! check out my last post

Astarte said...

Oh, God, I KNOW!!!! Is it the ball of your foot, with that Fire From Hell feeling? Why, oh WHY does that have to happen?!?!

I saw at the store the other day that there are now little gel inserts made specifically for that problem that go in the front of the shoe. Try those and tell me how they worked after. I rarely have a chance to wear heels anymore except on Sunday mornings, and even then I'm not in them long enough to make it truly painful.

Hang in there!!! Those brown ones are GORGEOUS. YUM!