Monday, October 6, 2008

Get Registered!

I haven't felt the need to get all political on y'all because a quick glance at my sidebar makes it clear who I believe is the best choice for America come November 4th. (Much to the dismay of my father. Coming out of the Democrat closet was almost as bad as telling him when I got knocked up!!!)

No matter who you support, you must register to vote!! Today is the last day to register for my fellow Texans, and most other states.

Check here to find out your state's deadline, and all the info you need to register to vote. It's quick and easy, I promise!

I can go on and on about how crucial it is, but I think it's said best by our (hopefully) future first lady, Michelle Obama, over at MOMocrats. Really - Go read it. It's a fabulous post!!

Hurry...Go Now...Register to Vote!!!


Cherish said...

Thanks for the reminder! Im Canadian, but our election is October 14th and I know the deadline to register is tomorrow.

Katie said...

Go Obama!!