Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If I Hear It One More Time

This is our dog. He's a poodle-chihuahua mix.

This was him 1 1/2 years ago when we first brought him home. Wasn't he just about the cutest thing you have ever seen?

I have a love/hate relationship with him.

I sometimes hate him because he is possibly the worst behaved dog in the history of dogs. He does this ridiculously annoying whiny thing. It drives me up the wall. He also has an affinity for expensive shoes. Once, when he was a puppy, I came home to find that he had pulled some massive Houdini maneuver, got into my closet, and preceded to eat every pair of shoes I owned. But only the left one. Every single right shoe was left untouched, but the left one was unrecognizable. Still to this day if he gets a hold of a pair of shoes, he'll choose the left one to savor. Weird, right? If he manages to escape sans leash, don't bother chasing him. He's the fastest little dog alive. I swear.

The love part always wins out, though, because he is cute and cuddly. He has the ability to be the sweetest dog. Kaeli adores him. She fell in love with him the moment she saw him. He's part of the family no matter what. Plus, he was born on Super Bowl Sunday 2007, and since this is one football loving family, he fits right in.

A friend of mine actually gave him to me when she realized that a very hyper puppy and her one year old son didn't mix well. They had given him some name that I thought was totally unfitting, and so I decided immediately to change it. Kaeli's choice was Willy Wonka. I used my Mom Power to veto it and spent the next two days thinking of the perfect name for our precocious new addition. I made a list. I went over it and over it until the perfect name hit me right in the face. An homage to one of my favorite movies. Something strong. Something that matched is spiky collar. Something that would give my little white poodle mix street cred at the dog park.


Now John McCain and Sarah Palin use it no less than 100 times a day. I'm slowly beginning to hate this name. Please vote for Obama/Biden so that my dog can have his name back!!


Melissa said...

They look so cute together though!! Love the name, what finally gave you the idea for it? Oh! What was his previous name? .. Cuddles, Fluffy, Milkshake makes all the boys to the yard?

Kristi said...

I got the name from Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun. Before Tom Cruise went all weird.

They had named him Peanut. No offense to anyone with a Peanut named dog, but it just seemed so unimaginative and boring!!

MaryB said...

Thats the most effective political campaign I have heard yet!

P.S. Maverick is WAY better than Peanut!

SBWaire said...

That's too funny, on many accounts. 1st-"Maverick" + your daughter = Too cute. 2nd- I have a 7 yr old sharpei who as a puppy, ate all of my left shoes and would only eat if his food was placed a certain way. Apparently,dogs can also suffer from OCD. He also chose to run loose through the neighborhood at most inconvenient times (ie. When I was half dressed!). But you love them regardless :)

Go Obama/Biden!

Astarte said...

He was a cute little puppy!!! He's still pretty cute, too. He looks like he adores your baby girl, too.

Dogs always know what you love, I think. When Tyler and his brother Cyrus (who we had to put down a couple of years back, and I still miss him every day) were puppies, they ate countless books before we blocked them in the kitchen while we were away. Then they dug up the linoleum and pulled down a dish drainer with our wedding dishes in it. Brats.