Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zac Efron Overload

If you have a Disney obsessed daughter (or son) then you probably know what happened this weekend. An event that one certain 6 year old has been looking forward to for weeks.

High School Musical 3 hit the theaters.

In an effort to continue being the best mom ever, we have had a nonstop High School Musical weekend. Friday night was a marathon of the previous two movies. Saturday was seeing HSM3, and since then the HSM3 soundtrack has been blaring in Kaeli's room. Over and over and over.

My confession is that I actually love the HSM movies. I think they're adorable, and I may or may not know the words to every song. The fact that I tend to love anything marketed to a 13 or 14 year old girl probably helps.

Mostly, I love Zac Efron. Why couldn't my high school boyfriend be like Troy Bolton? I don't even think it's fair for a guy to be that pretty. He's so nice to look at, and the amount of times he appears shirtless definitely increases in each movie.

As much as I enjoy all things HSM, I think I'm reaching the overload point. I don' t know how much longer I can take it. The syrupy sweetness is seeping into my brain. I'm starting to think it's normal to break out in song and choreographed dancing at pivotal moments of conversations.

Now please excuse me while I create a song and dance to accompany me as I make lunch.


Melissa said...

No offense but I sure am glad I don't have to watch those movies I've seen a lot of merchandise and have no interest in any of it. LOL
It's nice that you enjoy it though seeing how your daughter enjoys it. I wonder what types of things will come out for Violet to watch later.

Cherish said...

My kids like HSM too but not as much as most of the girls Ive seen. I find myself probably more interested then they are some times too. Seriously though, there is only so much random dancing that one person can take.