Monday, October 6, 2008

Kaeli's Take on the Election

Apparently, today is politics day at Material Girl.

Kaeli's school district is holding a mock election on November 4th. The schools have even been assigned electoral votes based on their student population. The votes of 3rd graders to 12th grade will count. Kaeli's grandma is a teacher at one of the high schools, and she was telling me all about it. Kaeli's only in 1st, and her vote won't be counted. So as Kaeli and I were driving home, I told her that I was planning on voting for Barack Obama, and I asked her who she would vote for in the election if she could. I'll keep it real here. I was trying to brainwash my 6 year old into telling the world that she was voting for Obama. It's been my mission ever since I saw a young boy in a t-shirt that said "If I Was 18 I Would Vote for Obama".

Kaeli: I don't want to vote for him.
Me: (on the verge of a freak out that her grandparents got to her first) Who do you want to vote for?
Kaeli: I don't want to vote for anyone.
Me: (biting my tongue and saving the discussion about women's suffrage until she's 10) Why don't you want to vote for someone?
Kaeli: Because I just don't care.

Way to stab your politics loving momma in the heart, baby. My brainwashing attempt #1 has failed. I still have the rest of the month to complete my mission, though.


Cherish said...

Thats hillarious! But really, did you care when you were a kid?

SBWaire said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I must admit that the Obama sign lured me to stay :)

I plan on taking my 13 month old into the booth with me and having her "vote" with me.

I'll be sure to check back to see if your daugher changes her mind!

Happy Blogging!

Katie said...

Oh no! The apathy starts WAY too early!! You'll show her the way soon enough. Don't worry! :)

Melissa said...

I love how your first thought was that your parents got to her first :D

Cherish said...

OMG I just found this on etsy and had to show you!

Kristi said...

Melissa - It's actually her dad's parents, but mine would have been just as bad!!

Cherish - That is the coolest button ever!! I'm just learning about the greatness that is Etsy!

Maxie said...

awww too hilarious-- tell her it's important! I'm sure you'll be able to convince her... you've got the best leverage.

Astarte said...

Oh, no!!! Well, at least she didn't say she wanted McDrain just to be obstinate, I suppose.

My smartie girl told me all on her own that she had decided she wanted Obama because she heard McCain wanted to continue the war, and she doesn't want war. *proud mamma moment!!! sniff!!*