Monday, October 27, 2008

Here I Come to Save the Day! Or Not.

Kaeli has this cheap plastic top hat that she got from school. She likes to fill it with stuff, put it on her head, and then pretend she's a magician and pull the stuff out of the hat. It's very very cute.

Over the weekend we were decorating the balcony of our apartment (I feel I am not responsible enough to handle a house of my own right now!!) for Halloween and putting out pumpkins. When we went inside for the night, she left her top hat and its contents on the balcony.

This morning actually felt like fall (finally!). It was cold and very windy. Kaeli looked outside and realized that her top hat was gone. She was quite upset about it. I told her that was the reason we don't leave our stuff outside. She seemed to get over it, and when we left I decided to be Super Mom and look for the hat. After a small search, I found the top hat and her red ribbon in the grass not far from our building.

Me: Look what I found, Kaeli! It's your hat and ribbon!
Kaeli: What about my little purse?
Me: Well, I didn't see your little purse, but I found your hat and ribbon!
Kaeli: (Uncontrollable wailing begins) But I really love that purse!!

OMG. I faced the cold. I risked windblown hair. I searched. I found the stupid hat that she was upset about, and THEN she springs the cheap $2 purse she got from the school store on me. I had to spend 5 minutes calming her down. I tried to explain that there is another school store on Wednesday, and she can just get another one. It didn't help. Complete and utter meltdown. Totally uncharacteristic of my sweet little child. Kaeli is normally pretty laid back. She goes with the flow. She has been called the Easiest Kid Ever (and not just by me), but lately she has been super emotional. If she's this bad at 6, I don't want to imagine how she's going to act when the hormones of puberty hit her!

So, my plans of being Super Mom failed. Instead, I think I made the whole situation worse. I get no respect!!


Melissa said...

You win some, you lose a purse. :(

She'll forget about it, I'm sure. lol
You'll only be acknowledged for being a super mom when she's way older and has kids of her own...hehe.

Cherish said...

I know the teachers here always say that children are exhausted all fall just from getting back into the routine of school again. Rayden is really emotional this time of year and I blame it on him being overtired. Hopefully it is just a phase. Good luck!

Astarte said...

Isn't there some show called Total Drama Island on one of the kid networks? I swear, it must be completely populated with girls, 'cause, DAMN.

Sara said...

the fun in having girls :)

Jennylynn said...

My Cierra did the same thing last year (when she was six). Her dad and I are divorced. I tend to think her issues were related to that.... She was better, soon enough. Extra Lovin's all around- little girls are so much fun!!!