Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Right Stuff


Here are some of the pictures from the New Kids on the Block Concert! The tickets said that cameras weren't allowed, but NKOTB hasn't toured in like 15 years. I wasn't going to follow that stupid rule. It turned out that most the other fans felt the same way. The girls I was with didn't bring theirs in, so we took turns taking pictures on my camera. We have about a million fabulous ones.
This is the guys' entrance. Do y'all remember those old school Michael Jackson concerts where girls would faint? Well, I totally understand them now. By this point, the excitement (not just me, the whole arena) had built up so much that I was shaking! There was so much jumping and screaming (not just me, the whole arena). To finally see them was amazing.

Opening song!! Single! It's one of my favorite songs on the new album. They were so hot doing all these sexy dance moves!

Yay! Jordan!

Here's a little something for the Joey fans! He can seriously rock some skinny jeans!

Even Danny grew up to be hot!

Jon in an Obama shirt!! I didn't think it was possible, but I love NKOTB a little more.

Yay! More Jordan! Damn, I wish I was that girl behind him. She's so lucky.

Throw back to 1989! They were singing I'll Be Loving You (Forever). Jordan can still do that super sexy falsetto. There's something about it that makes me tingle!

I just felt this picture was too amazing not to add it again. He looks so HOT. Lots of dirty things come to mind whenever I see it. I'm considering making it poster size and hanging it over my bed. This was my favorite part (not because of the shirtlessness) because Jordan sang his single from his solo album. Give It To You. I seriously loved this song in high school. This Jordan Knight obsession has seriously lasted my entire life!

Right after they sang Click Click Click. Such a great picture of the five of them.

Aww. Donny was so cute and funny during the whole show.

NO!!! Don't be over! Don't leave me again! They finished with Hanging Tough. So great!

I've been to a fair amount of concerts in my day, and, I swear, this was the best one I have ever seen! You could tell that they were having so much fun, and they really catered to the audience. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it! It was a really good mix of old and new stuff. Plus, Jordan and Joe sang their singles from their solo albums. I can't talk about it without smiling. It took like 3 days for my voice to come back.

It was totally one of the most fun nights ever!


Melissa said...

I love you more knowing you love NKOTB!!! You are so lucky to be at the concert, and seriously all concerts say no cameras. Screw that, you pay enough you want something to remember the show for :)

Jessie said...

I can't believe the pictures from your phone are so clear! I always bring a camera, forget the rules. I paid to see them and I think I should be able to get proof!

Kristi said...

Actually, I did use my camera. It was my friends who were crazy and didn't bring their cameras. They were forced into phone usage! I did promise to email all of my great pics though!!

Sara said...

Too too funny. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos :)

stacie d said...

I came to your blog via Whimsy's and what a fabulous treat to see your pictures!! I went to tons of *NSYNC concerts in my 20s (I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit that) so I know the rush of a boy band show!!