Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can!!!

I am speechless.

I am overjoyed.

I feel inspired.

I feel empowered.

I want to fix America.

I want to fix the world.

Congratulations, President-Elect Obama! January can't come soon enough. I am so proud that you are our 44th president. "Change has come to America," and I could not be more proud to be an American.


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Barack Obama - 338 Electorial votes

John McCain - 163 Electorial votes

Pretty much Obama kicked McCain's ass!

Thank you god! I may just may go to church this Sunday!

** Good luck on your presentation!

Sara said...

I still can't believe it!!! One day, my little daughter will say, my Mommy let me push the button!

Slick said...


Now let's just hope he can make the progress on the "Changes". :)

Melissa said...


Happy Obama won? I am :D