Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tween Girls Hearts Are Breaking All Over The World Tonight

I let Kaeli stay up past bedtime to watch the Dancing with the Stars Results Show. I'm usually a stickler about bedtime. I haven't let her do this all season, but the show is almost over and she's just so cute when she watches it. I'll pay for it in the morning, I'm sure.

We got to the elimination, and Cody and Julianne's names were called.

Kaeli: Wait, what does that mean?
Me: Well, they got the least amount of votes so they're going home. They won't be on next week.
Kaeli: WHAT?! They're going home? Mom, we didn't vote enough! We didn't keep them on! We should have done better!!
Me: (this is were I lied because I didn't vote for Cody at all) Kaeli, we tried our best. They did a good job and got really far.

Kaeli then jumped off the couch and stomped to her room. She fell asleep mourning the loss of Cody. Kids sure are insane about their Hannah Montana stars. She was so upset. I feel a little bad thinking that it's funny. It just proves that, along with my lipbalm addiction and flair for the dramatic, she also inherited my tendency to get way too emotionally involved in reality tv.


TUWABVB said...

I'm not a fan of DWTS, but that is just about the cutest think I have ever heard. Waht a doll your daughter is!

Astarte said...

I am SO glad you're writing all this stuff down!!! She is just HYSTERICAL, and when she starts dating, what fodder for embarrassment you will have!