Monday, November 17, 2008

Why Can’t My Boyfriend Be Like Edward Cullen?

I did it.

I gave in.

I'm a changed girl.

As part of my “Kristi needs serious downtime to get rid of the grumpiness” weekend, I decided that I would indulge in a little Twilight. I bought Twilight and New Moon several weeks ago, but then I got into that pesky book backlog I told y’all about. I innocently started reading, and by the middle of Twilight I was hooked, so I ran out Saturday and bought last 2 books in the series. I couldn’t face life without the complete series at my fingertips

I knew that I would like them (mostly because I enjoy anything marketed to a 14 year old girl), but I didn’t realize that I would LOVE them.

I’ve become obsessed. I don’t know how it happened, but I can’t get enough. I can’t even explain how it happened. One minute, I’m enjoying a fun story, and, the next thing I know, I’m totally consumed by these books.

I neglected all weekend chores. No cleaning got done. No laundry was done (until late last night when I realized that there wasn’t a single clean article of clothing for me or Kaeli to wear). No blogging. No reading of other blogs. I have no clue what even happened in the news this weekend.

Kaeli was so sick of seeing me with a book in my hands. I didn’t put it down. Saturday night, when I finished Twilight and immediately started New Moon, Kaeli was like “Mom, are you still reading about those stupid vampires?” I had to stop myself from telling her that we are moving to Forks, Washington so that I can find my very own vampire love. Six is probably a little young to realize that your mother is completely insane.

Rob finally had to ask me to stop talking about Edward. He couldn’t take my nonstop lusting over a vampire. I can’t help it. Edward is just so fantastic. I think I have fallen in love with him. I can’t stop thinking about him.

Then, when I got to work this morning, the woman that sits in the cube across from me said that I looked different today. I realized that I must have that crazy wild eye look of someone who just spent 72 hours consumed by Edward Cullen.

By Sunday night, I had finished Twilight and New Moon. I just wish I had another day! Staring at Eclipse, but not being able to read it because of work is like pure torture. I’m not generally a rereader when it comes to books, but I’m already fighting the urge to reread Twilight.

I fully understand all of those teenage girls freaking out at malls now!! I want to be right there with them. What has happened to me?


Astarte said...

You're so funny! I liked books 1 and 3, but not the second one or the last one. I agree, though, holy cow, was I HOT for Edward. OMG. It bothers me that they picked the actor to play him that they did, because now I'm not going to see the movie. I think he was waaaay more handsome that that guy. Sigh.... moon.... Ahem.

Sara said...

you convinced me...i may just have to check it out!!

Jessie said...

One of my co-workers gave me this book last week and told me to read it, I guess now I really have to!