Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Living Vicariously Through My Child

Kaeli and I went to the store to pick up a few things. I thought it would be a good idea to let her scan the toy section to get an idea for Christmas presents. This is our conversation over a Girl Crush Hair Beader.

Me: Cool! A hair beader! I wanted one of these so badly when I was a little girl.
Kaeli: And all your dreams can come true when you buy it for me.

That has to be the most effective technique she has used yet. I seriously love having a daughter. A son would never let me have a hair beader!!!


Anonymous said...

1. i can't believe she really said that about the hair crush beader thing. thats so funny- she is totally your kid. rob is in SO MUCH trouble!

2. yay for good grades and exemplary children!

3. very sorry about your lips and that you can no longer use burt bees- its my favorite. i'm glad you found something to fix it. i go totally insane if my lips are chapped.

4. whoopi? really?

5. um, i forgot the rest.

Jennylynn said...

Awww SHE is genius!

FYI about the hairbeader; when used unsupervised by a group of drunk twenty somethings... the hairbeader has a tendency to get so terrbly tangled that it reduced drunk twenty somethings to tears and scissors. LOL

Just sayin! (don't drink n bead)

S said...

Wow, that is too cute!

Melissa said...

Oh my friggin' god!! That was by far one of the best things I heard a kid say XD

I love your daughter!!

stacie d said...

I like the way your daughter thinks!! I always buy things for my nieces that I never got to have! I bought an Easy Bake Oven when the first girl was far too young for it (which I knew full well and got it anyway)...but my sister & I sure had fun making tiny gross cakes!

Astarte said...

HA!!!!!!!!! Oh, you lucky, lucky personal shopper, you!