Monday, November 24, 2008

Ask Me What I Did This Weekend...

Hey, Kristi. What did you do this weekend?

I snaked a toilet!

I don't even know what that means, but I did it. I'm probably heading into unpleasant territory, but bear with me. Kaeli got a little too toilet paper happy and clogged the toilet. So gross. Water everywhere. Whatev. This is why I live in an apartment. I'll just call the maintenance people, right? Wrong! I live in the world's crappiest apartment complex. Well, not the apartments themselves, but the staff. They suck. It wasn't like this when I first moved in, but now it's so bad. They are disorganized and inefficient. I called the number to get the emergency maintenance people, and it was disconnected. How is that possible? So, I went to Lowe's, spent $8 on my very own toilet auger, and unclogged the damn thing myself. Who freaking needs a man? I can solve my own plumbing problems. I kick ass!!

I'm also on this get my place pretty for the holidays kick. I spent Sunday cleaning and organizing Kaeli's room. I'm still in shock over the amount of crap my daughter has. The fact that I've bought most of it astounds me. I had her go through all her toys, and she got rid of 2 huge bags of stuff that she doesn't want anymore. Her toybox is still overflowing. It's ridiculous. Plus, Kaeli loves to draw and write stories, so there are pieces of paper with half written stories everywhere. I used to try and keep them all (in case she becomes a famous author), but the sheer quantity made it impossible. Do you want to know where she keeps all of her drawings and stories? Under her bed!! I swear I have never seen so much paper in my life. I don't even know where it all comes from. I should have taken before and after pictures. It was crazy, but it's all neat and organized now. 1 project down. Next I have to tackle my closet. It's out of control.

I watched Texas Tech embarrassingly lose to Oklahoma. It was bad. So so bad.

I also found the cutest ornaments ever at Target. I love snowmen. They're my favorite thing to decorate with. These are little snowmen with little snowballs inside. I think they're so cute. The picture doesn't really do them justice. I can't wait until next week. I always put up my Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love the way everything looks decorated for Christmas!!

Hope everyone else had a better weekend than me. This might shock y'all, but toilet issues and cleaning is not the most exciting way to spend a weekend!!

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Cherish said...

Sounds like a productive weekend all that same. Ive already put up all my christmas decorations so my house is already looking so festive and fun. It raises my mood just to be sitting in my living room with my tree.