Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What The Hell Wednesday

Welcome to our new segment WTH Wednesday!! Today, I get to talk about all the things I read, hear, or experience where the only response I can come up with is What The Hell!

(I maybe sorta kinda stole this title from The View because I love that show. I want to be BFFs with Joy and Whoopi)

- Did y'all notice that I posted 4 separate times yesterday? WTH? I swear I really do have a job, a kid to raise, dishes to do, laundry to fold, lots of TV to watch, and the 3rd Twilight book, Eclipse, to finish. I just couldn't be stopped!

- Speaking of Eclipse - **If you don't want to read a tiny spoiler then turn away now** - Bella is getting on my nerves just a little bit. I'm not very far in, but her persistence to be friends with Jacob is making me crazy. Bella, he's a werewolf and the "love of your existence" is a vampire. They are mortal enemies. Get over it. Plus, you're begging Edward to make you a vampire. WTH? Vampires and werewolves can't be friends. Stop causing trouble by sneaking off to see Jacob!!!

- A man in Florida is facing battery charges for hitting his girlfriend with a sandwich. WTH? Hitting your girlfriend is wrong. Hitting her with a sandwich is just weird, and a waste of a good sandwich!

- A blind elderly woman in Massachusetts faced having a lien put on her home for an outstanding water bill. The amount of the bill? 1 cent. WTH? The debt has been paid. This is just ridiculous. There has to be more important things to worry about than a penny.


Update on the Lip Fiasco from yesterday!!

First, y'all have the best ideas! S, I've never used the rosebud salve, but I am intrigued. I'll definitely have to get some! Astarte - You are so wise. I would have never thought to use Orajel! I'm totally going to try it. This little nugget of information is awesome!

I ended up running to the store in a panic after work. The pain. Oh. The Pain. I grabbed $15 worth of lip moisturizers. Pretty much anything that didn't have the words "peppermint oil" in the ingredients. The first one was still too harsh. It burned the dry parts. No fun. Then, I tried this random Swedish one, Lypsyl. I will never be able to fully express the joy that I felt when I put it on. It stopped the burning. It felt so good. I'm in love. Before bed I also put about 2 pounds of Vaseline on my lips. That helped a lot too. My lips aren't quite 100% kissable yet, but they feel so much better than yesterday. My Lypsyl is within an arms length of me at all times now!!

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SBW said...

i was going to blog about the 1cent thing...stupidest thing i've ever heard!