Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Her World, I'm Just Living In It

There have been other things going on in the life of a Material Girl besides my new Twilight obsession.

Shocking. I know.

It’s actually Kaeli’s life because it’s All About Kaeli Day.

Last week was her school carnival. It’s a huge fundraising event the school does every year. It’s actually a lot of fun. The school goes all out. There are lots of games and activities. Kaeli had her hair spray painted blue, her face painted with stars and a butterfly, and went through 4 cans of silly string spraying down other kids in the silly string pit. There was also a petting zoo, a bunch of inflatable bouncy houses, and The Rock Climbing Wall! Kaeli is obsessed with the rock climbing wall. It always scares me a little because she is so tiny, but she loves it and is pretty good at it. Plus, there was a Cupcake Walk. Kaeli talked about the darn cupcake walk for days. She was so excited to try and win a cupcake. When we got to the carnival, it was the first thing we did. But Kaeli's super shyness kicked in and she wouldn't even look at the people running the game. She looked straight at the ground while standing on her chosen number (10). The volunteers spun the wheel. It stopped on 10!! She won! Hurray! I think I showed more excitement than she did. She didn't even seem to care. She took her ticket and walked away. She got so shy that she was really nervous when they made a big deal about her winning! Crazy kid.

I also had a Parent/Teacher Conference. Her teacher said stuff I pretty much already knew. Kaeli is the smartest and best six year old in the world. She has never loved a student more. She’s going to quit teaching as soon as Kaeli is out of 1st grade because no other kid will ever bring the same amount of joy to her job. The usual stuff. Ok. I might be exaggerating a little. The teacher did say that Kaeli is a great student, she’s adjusted well to 1st grade, and is a super sweet kid to have in class. Apparently, Kaeli is also a bit of a chatterbox, but I’m not really surprised. After all, she is her mother’s daughter.

Kaeli also got her report card for the 2nd six weeks. This report card is a huge milestone (at least it is in my warped brain) because it’s the first time Kaeli received real numerical grades! Before it was all S’s, N’s, and U’s (Kaeli only got S’s, thank you very much.). The numerical grades are for the 4 main subjects. Now to invade her privacy (and brag) a little:
Reading – 96
Language – 96
Spelling – 97
Math – 95
I’m super proud of her. It’s probably crazy, but I’m relieved that she is doing so great because I think it bodes well for the future. If she can develop a strong foundation now, hopefully she’ll have an easier time when things get tougher or when/if she ever goes all adolescent on me and refuses to do homework (I might have put my parents through that phase).

In other news, it seems that Kaeli has developed an aversion to the word Dork. I can say that she is Silly or being a Goofball, but if the word Dork crosses my lips, she goes into full on freak out mode. She gets all frustrated and tells me that it's not nice and that I know she doesn't like it so I need to stop right now! It's actually really funny. (Some of y'all might be appalled at my choice of nicknames, but Kaeli is a really funny kid - when she's not overcome with nerves. It's hard not to call her a Goofball. Plus, there are loads of other nice ones like Sugar Plum and Angel Face that I say too.)

Last, but not least, I might still be feeling a little guilty about tricking her into going to bed an hour early on Thursday. I let her stay up an extra half hour last night, so that she could watch Dancing with the Stars with me. She loves the show because of all of the “pretty outfits” the dancers wear. Plus, she is the most fun to watch DWTS with because she gets so excited about the scores. She keeps her little fingers crossed and chants “10, 10, 10. Give them all 10s”. She doesn’t care which team it is (I’m rooting for Lance and Lacey). She just wants everyone to get 10s. Then when the team gets a 10, she shouts and cheers. It’s too cute.

OK. That’s Kaeli’s life in a nutshell right now. Doesn’t your life feel more complete now that you know everything going on in the world of a 6 year old?!


Melissa said...

What great grades!!! Totally proud of her!!
I remember carnival days, there was this one time where you could dress in actual hockey player jersey's and equipment and get a picture. I was the only girl who did it :D ..lol

God I wish there were more carnivals. Ah well, guess I'll have to wait for Violet's 2nd birthday .. hehe

Cherish said...

Wow, girls are so different from boys!

And dont worry about the nick names, I call my kids all sorts of bad things. Usually the worst is butthead and I always use the term "shut up." I dont mean it in a bad way, its just something I say ;)

Astarte said...

Good girl!!!!! Of course, if she's at all as super-smart as I think she is, she's going to totally slide through until at least third grade. Or, college. :)