Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Week Made Me Tired

I have had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day(s). I feel like there is so much to share. I also feel like it is all very boring!

Tuesday - Got the dreaded call from Kaeli's school. She's sick. How she managed to get sick the 2nd day of school I will never know. I had to pick her up, and, while picking up my sick kid from school isn't that bad, getting from my downtown office to Kaeli's school in the suburbs sucked. The poor girl slept all day. She was so sad, and her drama queen-ness was in full affect. She even made me hold her glass of water and straw for her so she could drink.

Wednesday - Kaeli's fever Tuesday was high enough to keep her out of school for the day. We went to the doctor. They said she had strep throat. Not fun. I stayed home from work, but selfishly thought about the very big report I had to have finished by Thursday (that I had been slacking on for 2 weeks). Then, I spent the day feeling guilty for thinking about work while I should be glad I could take care of Kaeli. To get over the guilt, I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8, and thanked the Lord that I only have 1 kid.

Thursday - Since Kaeli had been on her antibiotics, and the doctor said she wasn't contagious, she went to school and I went to work. Spent the entire day stressing over a stupid report that I hated and never want to have to do again. Ever. But I will. In between cursing said report, I worried that Kaeli wasn't feeling better (even though she said she did that morning) and the school would call and yell at me for being a slacker mom.

I am SO looking forward to the weekend. I've taken Friday off, and, since Monday is Labor Day, I have that off too. Hurray 4 day weekend! I've secured a weekend stay for Kaeli with her grandparents, and I am off to pretend I'm young and stress free. I did hesitate to go along with the plan because Kaeli got sick, but seeing how when we got home she managed to run around playing and yelling with the dog, I'm thinking she's feeling better. The only indication she is sick is the few more days of antibiotics.

Y'all might not hear from me until late Monday. Dry your eyes. I'll be back. I promise. Plus, I just might have fun stories about what it's like to not have a 6 year old following me everywhere I go!!


Cherish said...

Hey enjoy you kid-free weekend! I was wondering what had gotten into you and why you werent I know. Sick kids and stupid work stuff stinks!

Astarte said...

Oh, poor baby, sick on day #2!!!! Geeze! I'm glad she's so much better. I used to get strep twice a year, every year until I finally had them out when I was 23. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking, while reading you took friday off, that i was miss mean mommy for not wanting more time at home. then i read you got the gparent hookup and took the weekend off. i'm going crazy and my house is a mess. weekends suck.