Friday, August 1, 2008

Reality TV Recap Friday

I have a serious addiction to television, and, in the summer, there is nothing better than the slew of reality TV shows to keep me out of the hotter than Hades Texas heat. After Kaeli does to bed, I crank up my overly worked DVR, and indulge in the mindless entertainment provided by "regular" people. I never meant to like reality TV, but there are a few shows that I can't live without.

First, is Project Runway. I think this might be the only reality show in which I love the judges more than the actual contestants. In my head there is an ongoing love affair with Tim Gunn. If I could, I would follow him around all day asking his opinions about people's clothes. I love hearing him talk. I love his advice. I just love him. If you think my fascination with Tim Gunn is obsessive, then you don't want to know how much I love Heidi Klum. She's totally adorable to me. Then there's Michael Kors (genius) and Nina Garcia (everything she says is always my's freaky). I love watching them critique the clothes. OK. OK. I think I should stop my love fest before I freak y'all out even more. The show just started 3 weeks ago, so it's hard to pick and absolute favorite. Kelli, Kenley, and Terri seem cool. I can tell you who I hate, though. 3 weeks is definitely enough for that. First, there is Suede. That's right, he calls himself Suede. Besides his name, 37 years old is too old for a blue mohawk and way way too old to talk about yourself in the 3rd person. Ugh, I can't wait for him to be gone. Then, there is Blayne. His skin is totally orange from the tanning beds he is addicted to, and he keeps adding -licious to every word. "That's girl-licious...Hi Tim-licious...Heidi is Darth-licious" -licious is not a viable suffix!! I keep screaming at the TV "QUIT TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN!!!" It's obvious he's trying to do the whole Christian thing with "fierce" and "hot mess", but Blayne just can't pull it off like Christian. I want him to leave the MOST!

That brings me to Big Brother 10. I love BB, but haven't been as excited about the casts since season 6 and the season 7 all-star house. I only really love Dan. There's a few that don't make me crazy. There are several I want to stab in the eye. Angie (no real opinion about her) and Jessie (can't stand him) were up for eviction. The whole house was gunning for Angie, which makes no sense because so far she's been pretty useless. One of the house guests, April, even said that they should get rid of Jessie, and that America probably thinks they're the dumbest house ever for keeping him around. Well, April, you could not be more right. I do think that BB10 is one of the dumbest casts ever. Their decisions are not strategic, just personal. As much as they all drive me crazy, though, I can't stop watching. 3 times a week I sit down to torture myself with the ridiculousness that is BB10. Thursday night's episode was fun for one main reason. Since the show is being recorded in present time, the house guests were affected by the 5.4 earthquake that hit LA this past week. It was hilarious watching them all freak out when the ground started moving.

Last, but not least is my favorite of the summer reality shows. So You Think You Can Dance. This show never disappoints. I'm sad it's almost over. I think I live vicariously through the dancers because I am your typical 2 left feet, no rhythm white girl. I think Mia Michaels is just about the most amazing choreographer ever. Tabitha and Napoleon have the most fun hip hop routines. This week was tough because it was the top 6 and 2 (1 boy and 1 girl) had to go home. They're all so great, and I loved them all. I super heart Courtney and Twitch, though. I'm so glad that they made it to the top 4. Twitch is hilarious, and Courtney is just too adorable for words. Joshua and Katee also made it to the top 4, and I honestly think that they all are truly the top 4. Since the beginning, these 4 have been the greatest, and I'm glad that no one undeserving slipped in.

There you have it. My opinions about my top 3 summer reality TV shows. What does everyone else think? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


MaryB said...

You're onna have to fight me for Tim Gunn!

Carrie said...

Well of course, I am also addicted to these 3 shows. Can you explain to me why on BB everyone thought they had to do what Keesha said? Did they not realize that she did not get a vote and it was up to them? This house has no people with the ability to think for themselves!
I am also in agreement that Suede should stop talking about Suede.
And I get very sad when I think that So You Think You Can Dance is almost over... :(