Monday, August 11, 2008

You know what is not fun...

...being randomly sick all weekend and, then, Sunday night, when you're on the verge of taking a sick day the next morning, you suddenly feel better, but your weekend was still ruined.

...standing in front of your closet in the morning realizing that you hate every article of clothing you own, and at this point it might be best to throw everything out and start over.

...wearing a sweater in August because of the ridiculously freezing temperature your office is kept at.

...hearing your daughter say this: " mom, when we go shopping for my new school clothes, you have to let me pick out everything because they are my clothes and not yours" and realizing that my dictatorship over her personal style is quickly ending and pretty soon her friend's opinions will be more important than mine.

...when someone uses the last of the french vanilla creamer (which is the only thing that makes the office coffee bearable) and you can't find anymore.

...when you think you might have overdone it on the pretty new perfume, and you spend an entire bus ride hoping the people around you aren't gagging.

...when you realize that the guy sitting next to you on the bus is the same guy that has been taking a seat next to you the last 3 times you've been on the bus...coincidence or crazy guy?

...then he asks you how you liked the Barbara Walters memoir that you finished weeks ago.

...then as soon at you put your current book away, he continues to make awkward small talk. I hate to be rude, but I am not good at small talk at 7:30 am.

I think it is obvious that I have a case of The Mondays.

In an effort to not bring everyone down with me, I'm going to leave y'all with something that is FUN

...watching Michael Phelps and the rest of his team win the gold medal in the 400m Freestyle Relay. Especially, since the French were favored, and one of them was talking trash about smashing the Americans!!!


Cherish said...

Rayden is the same way about his clothes this year. Last year it was a mohawk that I finally let him have in June and that he promptly decided to dye blue. He just turned 7!!!

Astarte said...

I was totally not into the Olympics until I heard the French comments. After that, I was all OVER them! HA! In your FACE, France!!!

april said...

put in your ipod so people wont try and talk to you and pretend not to speak english. if that doesnt work try really hard to disguise your reese witherspoon cuteness and just fart really loud as soon as he sits down next to you.