Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who says that to someone?

A couple months ago, I stopped into a convenience store to pick up some beer for my friend's husband. He sometimes keeps an eye on Kaeli for me, and I like to show up with beer when I pick her up as a nice big thank you. Last night, I stopped in the same store again to pick up some stuff, and the memory of my first trip came flooding back.

(wavy lines as i go into memory mode)

As I placed the adult beverages on the counter to pay, the cashier asked for my ID. I have no problem being carded. I keep my driver's license in an accessible place because it happens quite often. So, I pull out my license and hand it over.

CASHIER: Whoa! You're fat in this picture. You've lost some pounds.
ME: Ummm. Not really.
CASHIER: Yes you have. You look really fat.
ME: Wow, you're quite a smooth talker. I bet you do well with the ladies.
GUY IN LINE BEHIND ME: (awkward chuckle) Maybe it's his way of saying you look good now?

SERIOUSLY. W! T! F! Who says that to someone? I'm pretty sure it's in some guy handbook that you never ever ever comment on a girl's weight. I have problems with this for so many reasons. 1) It's a driver's license picture. I thought 99% of people look bad in their driver's license photo. 2) It's a really old picture. Like 5 or 6 years. 3) I don't think I look all that different. If I have lost weight, it's no more than 5 lbs. Not enough to illicit such a violent reaction. 4) Frankly, I'm just not that photogenic. For every good picture of me, there are dozens of not great ones. I have friends that never take a bad picture. I am not one of them.
I had never given much thought to my driver's license, but now, every time I pull it out, I'm waiting for the shocking reaction to my picture.

Ugh. Who says that to someone?


Astarte said...

What an idiot!!!! Well, at least it's plain to see why he's stuck being Counter Boy at a convenience store!!!! Obviously his IQ leaves a LOT to be desired. Holy crap.

Also, was this the Unwashed Geek brand of idiot, ie from Clerks, or the I'm Too Sexy For This Counter brand? Like, was he the bully in high school and is used to picking on, or did he look like the, er, Pickee, who is trying to get back at the world?

Dave Degenhardt said...

Kristi, no gentleman would say anything like that. Heck, you're not even supposed to ASK about a lady's age or weight. It's one thing to say that a woman looks great or thin, but the last thing you want to say to a woman is that she used to be fat or something like that. Weight's a sensitive enough issue inside a relationship, let alone with somebody you're just meeting by chance.

Kristi said...

Astarte - He was actually the heavily accented cashier that might not realize the difference between appropriate customer small talk and inappropriate customer small talk. I should probably cut him some slack, but I don't want to. I'm going to be forced to give him the old stink eye every time I see him.

Cherish said...

Wow, what an ass! What is up with the inappropriate men around where you live? First the weirdo on the bus and now this guy. Maybe you should consider moving to bf's town where the men know how to treat a woman! Im just kidding mind you, but still this guy = jerk.

MaryB said...

When I lived in Japan there was a candy bar named "TACT" (yeah, the Japanese have weird english names for stuff! i.e.!) Anyway, my frined Claire used to carry around a few bars of "Tact" in her purse and pass them out when necessary saying, "I think you could use some of this." Cracked me up!!! It is sad how many people had no clue what she was doing. Sounds like your clerk needs "the Claire treatment."

Also, don't feel badly...also in Japan. I was stopped at Customs every single time I came into or left the country. I was pregnant and on mega-steroids whn I fgot my passport and was retaining about 65 lbs of water and baby. Once they even QUESTIONED ME to see if it was REALLY me!!!!

Whimsy said...

Wow. I can't believe someone would EVER say that. It makes me very worried for my current driver's license because I had to get it when I was 8 month's pregnant. Niiiiice.