Monday, August 25, 2008

Because I'm Bored and Obsessing

Here's a visual comparison of Kaeli in Kindergarten vs Kaeli in 1st grade

Kaeli in Kindergarten

Kaeli in 1st grade

1. Apparently, I have some first day of school polka dot fetish
2. Am I completely insane or does she look totally just 1 year


Katie said...

What cute outfits! She looks the same, just maybe a little more SASSY now! She is adorable...

Whimsy said...

Just look at that SASSY girl!

MaryB said...

I think you are goign to have to have some sort of first day polka dot tradtion!!! Im a big sucker for traditions!

She does look a little more spunky now! I see what you mean! Spunky but still totally, squishably ADORABLE!

Astarte said...

She does look a lot different, more angular in the face and more sassy (but in a fun way not a bratty way). I noticed the same thing with my girl, but then less of a massive difference in recent years, thank goodness. I don't think I could take such galactic shifts every year.