Thursday, August 21, 2008

School Supplies Everywhere

Kaeli starts school on Monday. Be prepared for lots of going to 1st grade pictures, folks. Tonight was meet the teacher. This is only my second year in the public school system, but, damn, meet the teacher night is a lot of work. I seriously felt sorry for Kaeli's teacher. So many parents. So many kids. SO MANY SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! As soon as we walked in, Kaeli and I got to work unpacking, labeling, and putting away supplies. I had no idea kids needed so much stuff for 1st grade! I would like to torture y'all with the list. Because I can.

2- 12x18 bright white 50 count construction paper
2- 12x18 assorted colors 50 count construction paper
1 - 12x18 manila paper 50 count
5 - assorted plastic pocket and brad folders
4 - letter sized manila file folder 1/3 cut
5- 11x8.5 mulimethod tablet (what?)
2- comp book 8x10 red bl 36 count (what again?)
2- 120 count kleenex tissue
1 - large size plastic school box
1 - box reclosable quart bags 25 count
1 - 8oz. germ-x waterless hand sanitizer with pump
1- 3x3 4 pack yellow post-it notes
2 - 3x5 100 count ruled index cards
1 - 8 color crayola washable watercolors
1 - 24 count crayola crayons
2 - 4oz elmer's school glue
1 - 8 count washable crayola think classic markers
1 - sharp 5 inch fiskar scissors
6- small elmer's glue stick
1 - fluorescent yellow highlighter
6 - red check pencils uncapped
1 - pink bevel eraser
24 - no. 2 wood pencils
2 - box 2.5 gallon hefty one-zip 12 count

Did y'all quit reading halfway through. I did. Some of the stuff is labeled and put in her desk. The rest is put in boxes as community supplies. The list is daunting and stressful. Fortunately, at the end of kindergarten, the school sent home the order list. All I had to do was fill out a form with Kaeli's name, grade, and send a check. Then, tonight, viola, the supplies were all packaged up and sitting in her new classroom. How awesome is that? I'm still amazed by the process. I feel sorry for those unfortunate parents who didn't order the supplies in May!! I figure, with this system, I won't have to actually shop for school supplies for the rest of her elementary school years!!

I did find out tonight that the teacher would like the parents to write a letter about their kid. OMG. It's not so much the writing about Kaeli that has me freaking out. I could write about the greatness that is my kid forever. It's the actual writing of the letter. So many questions. So much anxiety. Should it be typed or handwritten? Should I make it pink and scented? Will that give it a little something extra? What if I make a grammar or spelling mistake? What if I sound like a complete idiot? Will she then assume my kid is a product of poor parenting? TOO MUCH PRESSURE. Ugh. I did not sign on for homework.


tabatha said...

post its?? i know 6 yr olds do not use post its.
is that atleast a tax deduction, lol!
i actually had to buy c's supplies twice because i had a list for the summer when she started and a list for fall for the school year.

MaryB said...

Thank the good Lord for EPI supplies!!!!!! That bright white construction papaer canbe hard to find!

I didn't use them this year however because it includes new zippered binders and thumb drives every year that I just do not want to keep needlesssly buying (and mr. 7th grader informed me he needed a binder with handle this year)

As for the letter, you'll be just fine. Write from your heart, and it won't matter a bit what type of paper you write it on. BUT, really?She gave you no guidelines? Does she want to know about the kids' hobbies/interests and strength/weaknesses??? And the writing/grammar? She grades 1st grade work all year; you'll be the curve breaker no matter how little you edit!

Hope your year gets off to a fabulous start! So exciting! Can't wait for adorbale pictures!

Dave Degenhardt said...

I'd say that you want to do it typed, but maybe signed at the bottom? I mean, she does have to read through about 30 letters and while a hand-written letter is always a nice touch, I figure you should consider the audience you're writing to. On the other hand, the point about how she usually grades work by first graders is true. As long as you're coherent, it'll look great.

As for content, I think it'd be a little bit strange if a parent didn't say how great their kid was a little bit. I guess the only other really important thing to put in there would be anything that makes her shy or nervous, or anything she's afraid of so that the teacher will know how to work around them.

Cherish said...

Wow! Im proud to say I made it to the end of that list! My son doesnt go back until September 3rd and I havent even started buying his stuff yet. You have a really neat process though where you can just send a check! So easy. Rayden is in French immersion so his teachers always speak french to the students and sometimes to the parents as well. There was one time last year where his 1st grade teacher asked the parents to come in for a mini lesson in basic french just to be sure we could follow along. At the end, we had to write letters to our kids IN FRENCH! I wasnt worried about grammar then I tell ya, I was just worried I would say something totally wrong and inappropriate! Im sure you'll do fine. You will also notice as your daughter goes through school that you very much DID sign up for homework yourself.

This reminds me though to actually get out the list that was sent home in June. Thanks!

Astarte said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of stuff!!! Our kids' lists weren't nearly that long! WOW! Hooray for the send-in-a-check system, totally.

I would do it hand-written, definitely. Maybe write it on a piece of paper that you've printed a Starbucks coupon or something out on first. :)

april said...

oh the possibilities! my kid has so many weird quirks i could have that teacher rolling. i couldnt do it seriously i would have to make it funny. id even hand her a joke letter first written with your left hand that said something like "me write pretty one day" omg i am cracking myself up