Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

Kaeli started 1st grade today! It went a lot better than last year when she started crying, I started crying, and I lurked in the hallways checking on her for 10 minutes. Here are the obligatory first day of school photos. She was in her silly mood. Be warned now because there are lots of weird poses.

I've become obsessed with taking pictures of her brushing her teeth. I don't know why.

Pose #1

I love this outfit.

Notice the earrings she HAD to wear today. She picked them out herself.

Pose #2 I can't explain it

Helping my friend's son, Clayton, to Kindergarten

She has her own desk and everything. Last year it was just tables. She's too grown up!

As per usual she started getting annoyed with my picture taking. Last year, I was full of wonderful and interesting things to say on the first day. Today, I think I'm mostly in disbelief. How did she get to this point? It went by too fast. I'm not ready for all of this growing up. When I look at her I still see this.


Cherish said...

Its so hard to let go of those baby days, isnt it? And I agree with the comparison post, she looks completely different. All sweet and innocent in the first and then sweet and a bit of attitude in the second...all grown up!

Astarte said...

Oh, my GOD what a gorgeous little baby girl she was!!!! Ooh, I could just squeeze her!

And doesn't she just look like Little Miss Thing, heading off to first grade. Wow. Nice earrings!