Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking Time for Sisterly Love

Today, January 13, 2009, is my sister's birthday!!

My sweet little sister is 25!! Twenty freaking five.

If Kari is 25, that means I am officially getting older too. How is it possible that my baby sister is in her mid twenties? I think her birthdays make me feel older than my actual birthday does.

In honor of Kari's birthday, I'm going to share fun facts and memories of the Non-Material Girl (that's no lie.) (we are polar opposites.)( i don't hold it against her, though)

Kari was born on Friday the 13th. As a kid, I figured that meant she was unlucky and the root of all evil.

When I was 4ish and she was 1 1/2ish, I was sick of helping her get down the stairs, so I decided to teach her how to do it herself. It did not go as I envisioned. She fell ALL. THE. WAY. DOWN. My mom was not happy with me that day.

She put bread in our VCR once. It came out as toast. We had to get a new VCR.

In our younger days, we fought A LOT. My mom finally made a rule that we could beat on each other all we wanted as long as we didn't leave marks on each other's faces.

When my dad would catch us fighting he'd make us hug for 10 minutes in the middle of the living room.

She wore matching sweat shirts and sweat pants to school Every. Single. Day. when she was in the 6th grade. I was so glad that I was in 9th and didn't have to claim her as my sister.

I was so mad when she grew one summer, and became taller than me. I never really got my growth spurt.

I was so happy when she got into 8th grade. It was the first time she asked me to help her put on make-up. I couldn't believe we finally had something in common.

That's when the fighting over clothes started. We did a lot of fighting over clothes.

I caught her when she came home drunk once. Which isn't a big deal until I tell y'all that she was drunk off of Zimas with Jolly Ranchers in them!!! Can you say DORK!

She NEVER got caught doing anything wrong when we were teenagers. I always got caught. I'm pretty sure my parents still think Kari is the angel, and I'm the difficult child.

I'm the "wild daughter", but it was Kari who convinced my parents to let her get her tongue pierced when she was 16.

As a teenager, I knew when I was pmsing because the sound of Kari's voice would suddenly morph in to the sound of scratching nails down a chalkboard.

The first time I ever drove a car without parental supervision, she was in the passengers seat. We were on a Coke (the soda not the drug) run for my dad.

I lived at home for a while in college. It was my job to take Kari to school in the mornings. Her school schedule got in the way of my recuperating from long nights of "studying". I rarely got her there on time, and we always ended up in a fight over it. Then one morning, I wouldn't get out of bed so she STOLE MY CAR to get herself to school. After that whole fiasco, my mom decided it was time Kari got her own car.

Now she lives in Maryland, and we don't see each other near enough. Good thing I have a good text messaging plan!

Happy Birthday to my little sister!


Chantal said...

Sweet, My sister is 3 years younger than me and we fought a lot too. Now she lives 40 minutes from me and we are best friends!

Cherish said...

I've never really been into American Idol (or the Canadian on for that matter). You'll probably think Im a freak or something, but I just dont get it.

Melissa said...

This is to cute!! I love the toast bit!
My older sister tried to help me down the stairs too, same result!

Happy Birthday Kari!!

Sara said...

Happy birthday to your sis! Too funny that she and I live in the same state!

Astarte said...

She's so pretty!!! Happy birthday to her! Also, funny list!!! She stole your car! HA!

When you come to visit her next time, we should totally hook up!