Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm A Follower

Y'all - Hey, Kristi. Where have you been
Kristi - Oh, me? I've been buried under Excel spreadsheets because that is the life in January for someone who happens to work in corporate accounting.**

Welcome to my very first Delurking Day!

If you stop here and never comment (and if you regularly comment, you can't leaving me hanging today!!), today is the day to change all of that! If you comment then we can become bestest blog friends! How can we be bestest blog friends if I don't know you're out there?!!

Plus, this is my 100th blog post! What better way to commemorate 100 posts than to see who has been reading my ramblings for so long?!

Happy Delurking Everyone!


Chantal said...

Happy De-lurk day to you too!

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...


wow 100 posts...thats awesome. I havent gotten there yet!

Jessica said...

Happy De-Lurk Day!! I don't comment on your blog as much I should but I totally check it out every day.

Melissa said...

I just finished writing on another blog we both read with this ;)

and just yesterday I wrote for the first time on another blog I always read, wish she had this yesterday!! lol

Cherish said...

hehe I can honestly say that I have read all 100 of your ramblings :D

I am loving seeing this on so many blogs today... Oh! And that word verification you mentioned on my blog had me laughing too. I still have no idea why though

Astarte said...

Hey, girl! Happy 100th post!

Dave Degenhardt said...

My girlfriend lurks through me. She always reads over my shoulder and asks me if you've put anything up lately. I suppose our cat also lurks, but he never asks what you've been up to. He's not as fun that way.