Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reason # 8,472 On Why All My Money Is Spent At Target

Maverick got a new shirt.

He's not really down with doggy apparel. A fact he has proven by chewing his way out of shirts if they are left on too long.

But it's been very cold, and he seems to have had a change of heart about the extra layer.

And this shirt makes me laugh too hard not to make him wear it!!!

It's a shirt for a dog that says 'Sup Dawg!

Now that's just funny.


Astarte said...

HA!!! Clothes on little dogs are so funny!!!! I can't justify putting them on my giants, but tiny dogs just look adorable.

He does look kinda pissed, though. :)

TUWABVB said...

He's so cute! I basically had coffee come out of my nose on this - I love the pun!!!!

Chantal said...

yes I agree, it is funny!