Thursday, January 8, 2009

Facebook Frenemy

Last week, I got a friend request from a guy on Facebook. He went to my high school, and we had a few friends in common. I didn't recognize him, but I didn't want to be rude and break some Facebook etiquette rule that I'm not aware of, so I went ahead and confirmed.

Yesterday I got a message from the dude:
"Wow. I am so surprised you added me as a friend. Anyways, you hated me in high school. We were in Spanish for one semester, then I moved to Wisconsin. Obviously I am different now that I don't hate you for not liking me. How are things going. I am married with two kids, ages 2 and 1. They are awesome. It is very cold up here, but the snow is worth it. TTYL."

Dude, could you be more passive aggressive? Maybe that's why I didn't like you. (And I seriously can't respect a guy that uses TTYL. It's just not right.)

If we didn't get along in high school, why did he send me a friend request? Was he hoping for some kind of Facebook vindication? Does he expect a heartfelt apology for hurting his precious feelings all those years ago? Or maybe he's just trying to reach a specific number of friends and desperately needs me? How the hell does he remember someone he had Spanish with for 1 semester? That was seriously 11 years ago. I remember 1 person from Spanish, and that's because she was fluent and let me copy off of her tests. (I should look for her on FB!)

Plus, he makes it sound like I was a mean girl. So not true. You can ask around. I was a dork. A dork who happened to be super obsessed with her high school boyfriend and had no time for anything else. (Hence the cheating in Spanish.)(Yeah, hence!)

I truly have no idea what this guy is talking about. Like I mentioned, I don't recognize him. I haven't messaged him back because I'm not 16 anymore I really don't care to be involved in Facebook drama. I really have no idea what to even say to him. Is it like super bitchy to just 'unfriend' him? Is there a social networking rule book I could consult for polite ways to deal with someone you didn't like in high school?


TUWABVB said...

I was talking to a good friend of mine recently about this. I had received a friend request from an ex-boyfriend that I truly hate. It did not end well - and really, I just hated him. I thought it took a lot of nerve to ask me to be his friend - even if it was just in the cyber arena. I looked at his profile and he had like 500 friends! Obviously, people don't think the "friend" means the same thing on Facebook and they try to rack up as many as possible - even if it's someone they only know marginally. That being said, you went and did the nice thing and then this guy acted like an asshat? I would disinvite him or whatever as a friend.

Cherish said...

I have a facebook rule that I do not add people unless they are/were pretty good friends. If I do make the mistake and add someone I probably shouldnt have, they get deleted right away. I see all these profiles with like 500+ people and Im like, how can you be 'friends' with 500 people? Id say get rid of him or maybe just leave him there for awhile and see if he does anything else weird.

Astarte said...

I would TOTALLY unfriend him! I mean, your photo will show up on his site as being a friend, and he's just a complete douchecanoe. Who acts like that?! I think he has mental issues. What kind of guy says his kids are 'awesome', for heaven's sake? And I agree, TTYL is a teenage girl thing to say, not a grown man with kids thing to say. He's creepy, and who cares what he thinks? I would send him a message back first, though, something like 'I really don't remember you that well, since as you said, it was only one semester and it was eleven years ago. I actually had you confused with someone else. Sorry.' What's he gonna do, cry?

Chantal said...

I have friended a few people that I thought twice about. But I usually put them on the limited profile. You should do that to this guy.

Melissa said...

I really wish I could just get rid of facebook :(

I've been attempting to the last month or so, it's just so damn seriously addictive! That or I need to get rid of people off my list :P

Ps. Sorry haven't been around lately, lol ;)

Sara said... too huh? While I've not received any passive aggresive messages from facebook friends, I've always believed that there are people who friend request you because you truly were/are friends OR they are so curious to find out about the current state of your life and want to be able to see your pictures, etc. I got several requests from women who I hadn't seen/spoken to since HS because of a falling out. Because I have nothing to hide and am proud of my life/family, I accepted their requests. A few did email to see how I was doing, etc. and it was quite friendly. I chalked it up to becoming adults and realizing that we were children before and what we fought about was stupid. But there is one in particular that I haven't heard a peep from. I think they should add a button. "friend request because i want to see you photos. that's all."

april said...

oooo can you unfriend people? what a weirdo!