Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving - Roundup Edition

I feel a little late posting this, but I’ve been busy busy busy! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Mine was great. Lots of good food and fun times with my family. The pies turned out fantastic, and everyone was super impressed with my domestic skills!

It was so great spending time with my family. We really don’t get together near as much as we should. Geography is a Bitch.

I haven’t gotten the full update from my dad yet, but Rob seemed to be a hit. It was nice meeting Kari’s new boyfriend, also. He seemed cool. Kaeli had a lot of fun playing with him.

Thursday night (after we turned off the A&M game because it was just too sad to watch), my dad brought out a bunch of stuff that my sister and I left at our old house when we moved out. The majority of it was Kari’s, but he has been holding on to a necklace of mine for years. I thought I had lost it! I'm so glad to have it back. Then, he did the unthinkable and pulled out all kinds of embarrassing pictures of me for Rob to look at. So uncool. I was really trying to hide some of my uglier years from him.

Kaeli was spoiled rotten by my sister. I didn’t really exist in her eyes the entire time Kari was around. I think she even considered trying to go home with her instead of me!! Cool Aunt Kari bought her this Make Your Own Body Art Kit (!!!!), and they put fake tattoos all over themselves. Payback will be sweet. When Kari has kids I will buy the most ridiculous presents I can find.

Kansas City is freaking cold. Maybe it’s just the temperature spoiled Texan in me, but I don’t think I ever felt warm. I saw people walking around in shorts when I had, like, 6 sweaters on at all times. It even started snowing Saturday before we left.

I was sad to leave my family, but I was so glad to be heading home. Then, I felt a little weird because I don’t really consider my dad’s house ‘home’ anymore. It’s not the house I grew up in. I didn’t even know which drawer had the spoons. I guess the time has come. I’m a (quasi) adult with a life separate from my parents.

I also brought back a really nasty cold. I guess the weather changes screwed me up. We got to Rob’s early evening on Saturday. I was planning on leaving early Sunday to get home, but the cold knocked me on my ass. I left late and ended up spending 7 hours (almost double the normal amount of time) trying to get home. Traffic was insane. I really don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to pull up to my apartment!

That’s it. My holiday in a nutshell. Now it’s back to the daily grind and waiting excitedly for Christmas!!!!!


Astarte said...

I haven't even seen the place where my mother lives now, and the house I grew up in as a child was sold when my grandmother died about ten years ago. After I lived with her, we were in an apartment, and it's a little weird thinking about someone else living there.

Whimsy said...

Ahhhh that sounds like a GREAT time!

Jennylynn said...

Neither of my parents live where theyused to either. That is always a weird feeling , I think...

It just makes (your) home that much more amazing doesn't it?

Cherish said...

Im the same way with my parent's house(s). I moved out nine years ago so I always love coming back to my own space even though its a little sad that my childhood home is no longer 'home.'