Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mini Freak Out Moment

Last night I was on the way home from work and mentally congratulating myself for being done with my Christmas shopping when it hit me.

I haven't gotten a gift for Kaeli's teacher yet!!!!

Their little Christmas party is Friday, so I have to come up with something quickly. I'm at such a loss for a good teacher gift. I thought about getting a cute coffee mug and putting candy and a Starbucks gift card inside. Is a Starbucks gift card just too cliche? I'm sure teachers get a million dollars worth of them each year, but I just don't have the energy to be more creative. She's a great teacher, and Kaeli loves her so I don't want to just do nothing.

What do y'all think? Is a Starbucks gift card ok? Do y'all have any better/more creative/reasonably priced ideas? I need your help Internets!!!!


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Mug = She will use

Starbucks Gift Certificate = She will use

Sounds great to me =)

Astarte said...

I would stay away from the mug. I heard on the radio that they hate that because they get millions of them, which I can totally see.

I was at a store the other day that sells those gorgeous Willow Tree figures, and they had a new one, an ornament, that is a girl holding a book, and it says something about learning being a gift (or something like that). I got it for Patrick's teacher. I think it was about $10. Also, Target is selling ornaments for the Children's Miracle Network, and one is a ruler that says Teachers Measure Up. It's actually very pretty, but I didn't need it.

Other than that, who doesn't want Starbucks?!?!?!!? They also have really, really pretty travel mugs this year (which I don't think go into the same category as regular mugs), but I think they're pretty pricey.

TUWABVB said...

I think that the ornaments are a great idea (I have a Willow Tree figurine that my mom gave me years ago and I love it), but hell girl, I will always welcome a Starbucks card. Maybe instead of the mug you can get the portable/reuseable coffee carrier thingy - you know, it keeps the coffee warm in the car and Starbucks gives you a discount if you use it? I think that might make more sense than a mug.

Cherish said...

I ordered cute little apple earrings from etsy awhile back for Rayden's teacher but Im also going to add a little box of chocolates. I would normally do the gift card thing but I just couldnt resist the earrings! If you dont want to do starbucks, maybe a bookstore or even a video store might work? A lot of places would require a larger amount though, so I guess that limits it somewhat. Good luck!

SBW said...

My good friend is a teacher...and I have to say that people tend to forget that they have real lives outside of teaching our kids. I'd say a bottle of wine cause that's what we all really need and want right? :)

She's probably going to get a ton of mugs. Go with the next best thing to wine. Chocolates. Some yummy chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva...yum!

Chantal said...

I am giving Starbucks gift cards to all of M's teachers (he is in day care and there are 4 of them in his class, plus the cook and the admin and the director of the day care OMG I am broke). For D's teachers (he has 2) I decided to donate books to their school library in their name. And I gave them each a gift card to Chapters (Canadian book chain).