Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm in love...and I'm not talking about Edward Cullen this time

Guess who got an iPhone!!!


I'm so happy. Touch screens are so fun!


SBW said...

they look addicting...i get my blackberry paid for by my employer so i'm going to stick with that for now :)

happy holidays!

Cherish said...

they look like fun!

Melissa said...

Sweet!!! HAVE TONS OF FUN APP'ing!

I have a HTC Touch, good enough touching for me ;) lol

MaryB said...

I m so jealous....between this and the purple coach bag I might have to start hating you a little (in the best way of course where hating is total coveting and flattery!) Are you goign to se that slot machine style "whats for diner?" app? Everytime I see that commercial i scream "I WANT THAT!"

Id loooooovvvve an iphone but would also be happy if someone would just replace my darn Centro!