Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Spirit??

Before I get to my planned topic, I heard this song on the way home from work today. I burst into tears. I just teared up again listening to it on youtube. It has to be the saddest song I have ever heard in my entire life. This is not the kind of Christmas music I want to hear!! Where are the reindeer and snowmen and sleigh rides?? As hard as it is to listen to, I can't seem to stop. It's just so heatbreaking.

After work today I decided to run to Ulta (it's right down the street from me. I love how convenient it is!!) to selfishly buy myself a Christmas present pick up some of my favorite perfume that I just ran out of. Let me set the scene for y'all.

It's a week before Christmas. It's 6:30pm. It is, expectedly, very crowded. I browsed a little, then grabbed my new bottle of perfume and headed to the line. The line must have had like 15 people in it. There were 3 cashiers feverishly working the registers. After all, it's a week before Christmas. When it was my turn the very nice, but obviously exhausted, cashier rang up my purchases. All of the sudden, a woman walks up to the registers.

Woman: Are you the manager?
Manager: I am one of them. What can I do for you?
Woman: (all self righteous and snooty) I just want to let you know that I am leaving because no one came to help me in the make-up section.

Seriously? Why do people act like that? The store is packed with people. If she needed help that badly why didn't she just POLITELY ask one of the employees that was on the floor. I know they were out there because I talked to a very nice one while I was looking at perfume. (He even sprayed one on me that smells so good I might have to go back for it!) Does she really think that the manager cares that they just lost one rude customer when there are so many more patient and pleased ones?

I guess it's my battle wounds from serving tables for so long, but I just hate when people are rude to customer service managers and employees. Especially around the holidays. These folks are busy and working their butts off!

It's Christmas. Isn't that the time for a little extra patience and understanding? Peace on earth, good will toward men (and women) and all that jazz? Some people just don't understand Christmas Spirit!!!

Maybe she should listen to the song.


Astarte said...

I HATE that friggin' song!!! There's another one now that's worse, too, sung by some girl, about how she's being abused by her parents, and everyone should remember abused children, or something. Ho, ho, ho.

What did the manager say? I hope he told her not to let the door hit her ass on the way out.

Cherish said...

i watched that movie last week and balled the entire time! I couldnt stop watching even though I knew she was going to die too....

Chantal said...

Some people just don't get it. But I have to admit that I have been avoiding stores. I am glad I got most of my shopping done already. I have a tiny bit more to do but it is only a tiny bit. Phew

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

uuuugh people like that make me want to ELBOW them in line!


TUWABVB said...

That customer was probably at the tail end of a bad day and was wrongly taking it out on the over-worked staff. I mean, I try to be extra-nice to the people in retail/restaurants during this type of year. They are the brunt of everyone's bad moods and it's not fair.

That being said, I'm interested in your thoughts about Ulta. I had a bad experience there earlier this year and haven't been back - but the store totally intrigues me - seems like a cheaper version of Sephora, am I correct?

Melissa said...

I love that movie, you should really check it out. We need songs like that on the radio so when we're driving to the malls we think about the whole meaning and change our attitude while shopping, may change people for at least an hour :)

MaryB said...

Hey, rude lady at Ulta, Copernicus called. He siad to tell you that actually the earth revolves around the sun and not your self-absorbed ass!

LOVE ULTA!!! what fav perfume were picking up??? Mine is Vera Wang (the original one)