Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Many Social Networking Sites Can One Girl Have?

A few years ago I heard about this crazy thing called MySpace. Like millions and millions of other people, I created a page and spent hours and hours making it just right. I've always thought myspace is pretty cool. A lot of my family and friends have scattered over the years, and it's nice to be able to check in on them.

Then, 5 months and 90 posts ago, I began blogging. I think y'all can tell how much I've enjoyed this. It turns out that only a few of my real life friends actually pay attention to this crazy thing. I love that most of the wonderful, funny, and interesting people I have met here are people that I would never have gotten the chance to know without this blog.

Now, as a result of a procrastinating lazy Saturday afternoon, I finally caved and joined Facebook. I've been putting off joining forever because, seriously, how much space on the internet does one girl need to occupy? I'm resisting the urge to spend all night looking people up. Plus, I've just acquired a new fear of friending people. I'm so late to the Facebook thing that I just KNOW they are going to think I'm stupid and not want to be my friend. I'm neurotic!!

Off I go to spread my name and face all over the internet. It's the first step in world domination.


Cherish said...

Hehe I felt the same way when I joined facebook....almost two years ago! It seemed like everyone else was already there by the time I joined in but really there's constantly more people joining all the freakin time. I dont keep many friends on mine, just people that I've actually spent time with and not just names that I kinda know.

But, for MySpace? i think I may have made a profile once upon a time but I have no idea. I only go there because one of my friends has a blog on it but otherwise, I get out as quickly as possible. That place scares me!

In the end, there is plenty of cyber space for us all and now Im insanely curious about who the heck you are! Gotta resist the stalkerish, face-creeping urge to look you up...

Sara said...

I joined earlier this year...only because I wanted to see someone's profile. Um, I guess that's facebook stalking? :)

But I actually enjoy it and you can allow people to see as little/as much as you like.