Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

**I want to thank everyone for the super nice comments on my last post. Reading through them made me feel so much better. Honestly, it feels good to have it out there. I was beginning to feel like I was hiding something from y'all!! Y'all are even more FABULOUS than I thought.**

I have a tattoo. Just one tiny one on my foot. I've had it for almost 2 years, and I love it. It's especially cute with flip flops (the standard footwear in Texas). Sometimes, when I'm feeling like a rebel, I wear a skirt to work with heels and proudly display my tat. The other accountants are shocked by my recklessness.

Please ignore the bad pedicure. It's winter, and I've been busy. Don't judge me!

Y'all may remember me telling you that over Thanksgiving my darling sister, aka Cool Aunt Kari, gave my daughter a Create Your Own Body Art and Tattoo kit. It contained over 400 temporary tattoos. My sweet innocent 6 year old walked out of her room today looking like this.

I am such a good influence! Phase 1 of creating an exact Kristi replica is complete.

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Cherish said...

That is so much fun! I think its adorable that she wants to copy her mama like that! Merry Christmas chicky!