Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Power of Purple

Purple is my favorite color, so imagine my excitement now that purple is THE COLOR for fall.

While doing a little Internet browsing at the Coach site, I stumbled on to the most fabulous bag.

......................MY PRECIOUS!!.....................

It would be perfect for my collection. I want it. I need it. I can't live without it.

But in all it's awesomeness, it comes with a price tag of $698. In my younger, more carefree, days I wouldn't have cared. It would be mine, and we would live happily ever after. Then I had to get all grown up and nervous about such an extravagant purse purchase. Damn responsibility. I tried to convince Rob that he HAD to buy it for me because nothing else in the entire world will make me happy unless I have this bag, but he didn't fall for it. Boys just don't understand.

The fire has been lit. I am inspired. I NEED a purple bag. So, I'm searching high and low for a more reasonably priced object of my affection. I've been searching online, but I'm just not one of those girls that can buy a bag off of the Internet. I need to touch it, hold it, feel the essence of the bag. This is going to take some actual field hours.

Anyone see any fabulous purple bags with my name on them lately?


Melissa said...

Have you tried Avon lately? It's my purse place for decent prices, and also my make up place, and my clothes place, and my jewelry place ..ok, ok I love Avon.

MaryB said...

Im soory, Kristi, but I am going to have to turn you into the blogger police. That picture is pure porn.

Porn that I will have to leave up on my moniotr to stare at and drool over continuously for days until my heart breaks from the desire.

Whimsy said...

I'll keep my eyes peeled for yummy purple bags. I just LOVE a good bag.

april said...

coach is an illness, an addiction. i am no longer in control, coach is. im thinking about pawning stuff to afford this habit. the worst part is that no other brand is appealing. its like offering a meth addict baby advil, it just wont do. they will get zero high oops i mean satisfaction and enjoyment from baby advil/a target purse. i know i need help, is there a detox center somewhere that can help someone like me? can i bring my kid? i just bought her her first coach bag for christmas this year. she is three. oh god, someone help me.

Anonymous said...

OMG! That bag is fabulous! I really love it! Did I mention there is a real Coach store in the mall here in SC? It's really not a good thing. The outlet in Texas being 45 minutes away was easier on the wallet. Everytime me and my husband stroll past the store in the mall I find that I have a tight interlocking arm attached to me.
Coach can't help but be popular, they make such beautiful things!