Saturday, September 6, 2008

Calling it a Lovebug doesn't make it cute

September has always been my favorite month. As a matter of fact, when I was younger I used to wish I had been born 3 days later so that I would have a September birthday and be able to claim sapphire as my birthstone. I love that it is no longer 852 degrees, and I can run errands without feeling like my skin is going to melt off. I love that all the stores start putting out fall decorations and Halloween costumes. Plans for the holidays start forming. September and I have always had a friendly relationship.

Until I moved to this town. I'm from a much smaller Texas area, and I moved here a year ago seeking a big city career. Blah. If someone would have told me what awful vile creatures I would find here, I swear I would have never moved.

It's the damn Lovebug.

These things are disgusting. They are everywhere. EVERYWHERE! They swarm front doors. They fly into your face and land in your ears. I hate them. Hate them. Apparently, September is their happy time, and they come out of hiding to fornicate. They spend most of their time mating, so they're always flying around stuck together.

I just read that after they're done doing the deed the male dies and the female carries him around until she lays her eggs. Ick.

Plus, because they have the name Lovebug, Kaeli has decided that they are cute, and she let's them land on her and she tries to play with them. My skin crawls just thinking about it. She even talks to them. "Hi, Lovebugs. Mommy hates you, so you should move away from the door before she kills you". Oh yes. My daughter said that. And she's totally right.

I'd like to point out that I am no stranger to insect infestations. In my hometown we have cricket season. Yes, cricket season. Crickets take over the town. Some years are worse than others. In highschool, I remember crickets falling from the ceiling. Teachers would step on them without missing a beat during the lecture. Driving into gas stations was a treat because I got to hear the crunch of hundreds of dead crickets as my car drove over them. Going through a drive-thru meant risking crickets flying into your car as you got your food.

Sounds pretty gross, right.

I'd take the crickets over the damn Lovebugs any day.


Katie said...

That is SO disgusting! I grew up in Texas (Austin) and have never even heard or them. Weird! They look just NASTAY!

Astarte said...


That is Not Right.