Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Inner 9 Year Old Has Resurfaced

The first half of this post is from what I wrote down on my Myspace blog April 4, 2008

i realize that what i am about to confess will bring ridicule and harassment, but i just don’t care...

new kids on the block just officially announced that they ARE BACK TOGETHER!...thanks to my addiction i’ve been speculating this for months but i didn’t want to get my hopes up until today when the loves of my preadolescent life were on the today show and said they’re working on a new album and are planning to tour in the fall!

i think i must establish how much i LOVED new kids when i was younger...i had the bedspread...and posters...and buttons...and t-shirts...and sunglasses...and even a jordan knight doll...i used to watch their cartoon on saturday mornings...only the true fans even remember that there was a new kids cartoon on saturday mornings

my mom took me to a nkotb concert when i was was my first concert ever and it was just about the greatest thing (a very close 2nd to the birth of my daughter)...i feel that i just need to see them again...with much better seats now that i am an adult.

i have now made it my life’s mission to see this concert...(i would invite you leanne but you told me once that you never liked the new kids and frankly i’ve questioned our friendship ever since).

i’m just so excited...they are performing on the Today Show on May 16th (that’s my dad’s bday...i bet he thinks this is a spectacular present) dvr will be set...on second thought i might even just skip work all together that’s practically a holiday in the life of kristi p...

I STILL LOVE YOU JORDAN were my first celebrity crush and no others have come close to the passion i felt for you...that justin timberlake thing was just a moment of weakness...i even bought that solo album you did when i was a teenager...your single is on my’s part of my "get sexy" music when i work out (thank you april for the new name for my workout playlist)...I LOVE JORDAN KNIGHT!!!!!

My dreams and life mission have come true, Internets. I got the text from my friend, Kylie. It says "Oh yeah Oh yeah! Got our tickets! 6th row baby!"

HOLY FREAKIN CRAP. I'm going to see NKOTB. Jealous? I know you are.

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Astarte said...

Oh, honey, you can heart Jordan all you want, but he's never gonna heart you back - he's gay!

Still, I hope you have a great time at the concert!!!! I wasn't hugely into them, because I was in late high school when they came out, but I have a few friends who would totally pee themselves if they were holding those tickets. :)