Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Say That Now, Young Child

Kaeli loves to read, and, in my very unbiased mother's opinion, she has gotten really good at it.

Her new favorite reading material is my cell phone. She likes to pass the time by scrolling through my text messages or looking over my shoulder as I text. The kid has even decoded some of the text message shorthand.

I finally had to have a talk with her about NOT reading my text messages.

Me: Kaeli, it is not polite to read through other people's messages without asking.
Kaeli: But texts are so fun.
Me: Yes, but how would you like it if I went into your room and read through your journal.
Kaeli: Go ahead. I don't care if you read that. Nothing in there is a secret.

I wonder if she'll still feel this way when she is 12?

While we're on the subject of Kaeli, some of you may remember Kaeli asking for an iPod right after she turned 6. I vetoed it because I thought she was a little too young for one, but she really has grown a lot in the last year. She's been doing a really good job taking care of her stuff, so I was considering the purchase when she turns 7 (which isn't until July anyway).

That is until last week. We were talking about a friend of her's having a birthday, and I mentioned that at 7 she might be old enough for her own iPod. My intention was to get her a little excited about it, but instead she said "I don't really need an iPod for my birthday. What I want is my own laptop."

I'm pretty sure y'all can figure out my answer to that request


Chantal said...

LOL My 7 year old would LOVE a lap top! Ha!

TUWABVB said...

WOW - I guess you should have gotten the Ipod when you had the chance! :) She is too funny!!!

Cherish said...

hehehe Rayden has an ipod shuffle now and he asked for a laptop about a month ago. I was actually half tempted to get it for him until I realised how INSANE that is.

Jennylynn said...

Oh my Gawd! Go figure! lolz

Melissa said...

I'm not on anyone's side (because I know I will be faced with this soon enough,lol) but when I was little-r I wanted a T.V, and CD player, and a Game-boy, and a daughter prides ring. And when my older brother was younger he wanted things like a T.V and a Nintendo. So it's kinda enviable that it has come to things like Laptops, because it's become a big part of society. We also asked for a PC when we were younger :)

But I do think it's insane! But I also think it's insane what my parents must have thought, and are thinking now with their grandchildren =/

Astarte said...

Argh! That kind of thing always leaves me feeling crestfallen, like I can finally do something for them, but it's never enough. Sigh. They don't know how lucky they are, no matter how we try to tell them!