Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Roundup

I'm a sucker for award shows, so, of course, I was glued to the television for last nights Grammys. Here are a few of my very important thoughts on the evening.

I'm glad Adele won for Best New Artist. I think she's fabulous, and Chasing Pavements is such a great song. BUT - Why oh why was she chewing gum ON STAGE. If your name is called you immediately swallow it!!

I've been in love with Justin Timberlake since like 1998. He's occupied my heart for the last 11 years. He was so great in both of his performances last night. I love that he collaborates with pretty much everyone in the entire music industry, but I am so ready for another Justin album. A tour would be nice too.

I have yet to hear a Taylor Swift song that I don't love. The song she and Miley Cyrus performed, Fifteen, was so fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised by how well their duet went.

Jennifer Hudson can freaking sing. She was amazing. Now she has a Grammy and an Oscar, so getting voted off of American Idol worked out very well for her!

M.I.A, I applaud you for performing ON your due date. That is ballsy.

Blink 182 presented together. Yay! Then today announced that they are officially back together. Double Yay!

Is anyone else so incredibly jealous of Carrie Underwood's legs? I've looked for a picture, but couldn't find one. They're freaking amazing. I'm almost inspired to hit the gym.

Why was Kanye West rocking a mullet? I know the 80s are back, but they are so not that back.

There were a million more great things, but these ones stuck out enough for me to text about them with one of my Grammy-loving friends.
Did y'all watch? What did you think? Any moments stick out to y'all?


Anonymous said...

I caught bits and pieces and instead watched Desparate Housewives. I feel like I don't know any of the new artists anymore!

Melissa said...

Love, Love, Love Justin Timberlake and the duet with TI ...HOT

Astarte said...

You know, when JT was in NSync, I hated him, but since then, OMG he is SO HOT! I think it's because he's obviously a nice guy, too, and SO FUNNY!!! My favorite SNL skits all have him in it! I'll take his co@# in a box anyday.

I saw clips of MIA, and holy shit, that woman was PREGNANT! How cool to be able to tell her kid, though - I preformed at the Grammys with you in my belly!!!

I love that Coldplay won song of the year. Viva la Vida is my favorite song. I lost some respect for them when whatshisname married that @#$@ Gyenneth Paltrow, but he has redeemed himself on Colbert. I can't resist. Their music is gorgeous.

VeRonda said...

Hubby and I did watch... but, we were both disappointed. I don't know... it just wasn't all that for us. I will say, you did pull out the highlights of the night and yes, Carrie's legs were killer!

TUWABVB said...

First of all, I'm writing to apolgogize for not following your rules. But I wanted to let you know that I gave you a shout-out FINALLY on my blog and that I love reading your stuff - so THANK YOU.

Also, wanted to tell you that when I first heard the song "White Horse" on Grey's Anatomy, I found it on You Tube (before it was released) and played it over and over and over. I LOVE IT. I haven't much explored much else by her, but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her voice. I missed the Grammy's and now I'm sad I did! You make it sound so interesting.