Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Ways In Which I Act Like a 15 Year Old Girl

Are y'all sick of hearing about my iPhone yet?


Good. I promise I'll stop after this.

Unless any more good stories happen.


With my old phone, I had a plan with unlimited mobile to mobile texting and some extra texting tacked on for those people not with my cell provider. It wasn't a big deal because I didn't text much, but that was before I found myself in a long distance relationship.

Now my texting is out of control. It's a serious sickness. One day I decided to count how many text messages Rob sent me. There were 60. In one day. And not even a whole day. Just the 8 or so hours he was at work! And it's always really un important play by play from his day. Fortunately, Rob and I have the same cell service provider so our nonstop texting fell under the unlimited part of my plan.

When I got the new phone, I figured it was time to change some stuff on my plan. I had started going slightly over my allotted text messages, and it was getting annoying.

I played around with my plan online, and called it a day.

Then I got this month's bill.

My eyes bulged out of my head when I realized I had racked up a $250 cell phone bill! I apparently did not change my messaging to the unlimited plan like I intended. Instead I only signed up for like 1500. Too bad I had over 3000 texts on my bill! (I know. I'm ridiculous. I can't help that all my friends and family live far away. And I like to chat. And stop judging me!!) It was seriously insane.

I immediately changed to the Unlimited plan I had previously intended, and silently berated myself for such a careless mistake.

But last night I decided to give AT&T a call. I talked to a very nice lady about what happened. I was my usual charming self, and she laughed at my insane amount of overage.

Then, the most amazing thing happened. She said that since I am such a good customer and since I have already switched over to the Unlimited plan so this won't happen again, she would go ahead and take ALL of my excess text messages off!! She literally took like $150 off of my bill.

I did a happy dance, and professed my undying love for her.

And since TUWABVB had a great customer service story today too, I decided that I should give a shout out to Peggy from AT&T and all the other super nice customer service employees!! Thanks for staying nice and helpful even when dealing with airheads like me!!


TUWABVB said...

WOW! That is amazing! I'm so happy you got such great service. In one sense, companies frustrate me when they are so willing to give credits like that - credit card companies, etc. - because it just makes me realize that they don't NEED the extra money they are charging you but it's totally on you to call and get the credit. But honestly, I've had GREAT service with AT&T, so I can't complain about them...they've always been very good in that department. Yea customer service people that don't treat us like poop! :)

P.S. Okay, my word verification was "tripho." WTF?

Chantal said...

Its nice that you acknowledge good service. It is so important.

Astarte said...

Holy awesomeness!!!!!! $150!!!!!!! WOW!!!

Melissa said...


So glad it was taken off tho, seriously scary.

Cherish said...

I had a similar thing happen a few weeks ago and they did the same thing...$150! Feels great doesn't it? I dont think people realise that they can usually get things like that fixed as a courtesy or good will from the company.

And isnt text messaging an amazing tool for those long distance relationships? I dont know how people did without it!