Thursday, February 5, 2009

Google Search Mania

I've seen other people write posts about the weird google searches that lead people to their blogs. I thought it would be fun to do my own list. Apparently, there are some very interesting people out there googling very interesting things. I've decided to put them into two groups; Sad and Awesome. Plus, y'all get my thoughts on the searches. Don't y'all feel lucky!?

First for the Sad
"frenemy friends you on Facebook,what do you do" - It's sad that this is such a common problem on Facebook that someone felt the need to google an answer. It's even sadder that google directed them to me. Someone should write a book on this subject. Millions of dollars will be made off of a Facebook Etiquette Manual!

"girl who has no friends" - BURN! I'm awesome. I have friends. Google sucks.

"get over it Kristi girl" - That could probably be an alternate title for this here blog!

"has anybody seen my self esteem" - Well, ok then. I get the point, Google.

And the Awesome
"how do I get my boyfriend to be like Edward Cullen" - It's a question all of us *Fanpires* are asking ourselves.

"my boyfriend is like Edward Cullen" - Lucky girl. Stop rubbing it in.

"would you really want a boyfriend like Edward Cullen" - Yes.

Three separate Google Searches relating to Edward Cullen? Maybe I should stop mentioning Edward Cullen so much?

And now for the most Awesome
"big happy hair" - I am in total shock about how many people have googled Bump Its! I seriously lost count at 15 in a week. Every day there are more and more people jumping on the big happy hair bandwagon. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only freak mesmerized by the big happy hair promise. I should contact the Bump It people, and see if I can be a spokesperson or something. They could like sponsor my blog. My hair would always be sassy and flirty. I think this might be the start of a beautiful friendship, Bump its!!!


TUWABVB said...

These are some of the funniest thing searches I have read! I still haven't quite figured out how to do that, but I'm totally entertained by other's weird searches.

Chantal said...

OMG this is too funny!

Whimsy said...

I seriously think that Bump It people should be sending you some cash.