Friday, February 27, 2009

Scenes from a Cubicle

Another post? Wow. Aren't y'all lucky!?

Are y'all ready for a little tour into Corporate America? It's exciting stuff. Really.

This is my cube. Inviting, isn't it?

This is my pen/pencil jar that I inherited from the person who occupied my cube before me.

This is a crazy office supply contraption thingy that has been in my inherited pen jar for the 1 1/2 years that I have resided in this cubicle.

For 1 1/2 years I have had no freaking clue what this thing is, but I couldn't ask anyone what it is because then people would think I was stupid and not take me seriously.

But then they all found out about my Perez Hilton addiction and Twilight obsession, so being taken seriously wasn't really a concern anymore.

So, I finally asked.

It's a STAPLE REMOVER! I've only ever seen the fun claw like staple removers. Not this flat strange thing. They don't teach this stuff in college, y'all.

I've been randomly stapling things to test it out. Being an accountant is full of fun times.

Tell the truth. Did any of you know it was a staple remover on first sight? I can't be the only person that has never seen one of these doodads before.


Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Lol. I knew it was a staple remover, but only because someone had to explain it me the first time I saw it too!

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...
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Cherish said...

I would never have guessed that lol!

Chantal said...


TUWABVB said...

I had no idea what that thing was and thus, it failed my first test of office supplies - the use must be apparent to me if I'm expected to use it. :)

Astarte said...

Yeah, I knew what it was, but only because they have one in the teacher's lounge at the school where I volunteer, and I had to use it when I was making copies for Patrick's class.