Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Bullets

  • I'm having a difficult time concentrating today.
  • I hit the snooze for at least 45 minutes this morning, and am having an incredibly uncooperative hair day.
  • I seriously need another day to recover from the exhausting weekend.
  • I went to Rob's house for the weekend and realized this morning that I left my cute black boots.
  • This means that I am forced into seriously uncomfortable heels as my black shoe wardrobe for the week. It doesn't matter how many pairs of black heels I own, none of them are as comfortable as my boots. I seriously need to buy more flats, but when you're 5'1" you need all the help you can get.
  • Rob and I took Kaeli to the American Girl store this weekend. It was her first trip there, and she's already planning her next. SO. MANY. GIRLS. SO. MANY. DOLLS. Don't think y'all are getting by without a full report on the trip. Start preparing yourself for the amount of pictures Kaeli wanted me to take of her and her doll.
  • A couple of my favorite friends came to Rob's place this weekend too.
  • One of them just broke up with her boyfriend, and serious girl support was needed.
  • Rob deserves a medal for all the girl talk he sat through this weekend. He even participated. Don't tell him I told you that. Also, watching him be super supportive of my friends made me heart him more even more.
  • I am officially too old to handle drinking an entire bottle of Firefly Vodka with my friends. Apparently, hangover recovery time increases with age.
  • I watched so much college basketball this weekend. March Madness Bracket Pools are one of my favorite things about working in an office. I currently have 36 correct picks. I have Louisville over Pittsburgh in the championship, so keep your fingers crossed, my friends.
  • I bought Twilight at approximately 12:24am Friday night/Saturday morning. Then, I went straight home and watched it. I'm pretty sure y'all expected no less from me.
  • Rob and I also saw I Love You, Man with Paul Rudd (I love him. Remember Clueless?) this weekend. All of you must drop whatever you are doing at this moment and go and see that movie. So insanely funny. And Netflix Role Models! Paul Rudd is on a hilarious movie streak!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!


Astarte said...

I fell in love with Paul Rudd after that movie he was in with Jennifer Anniston where he was gay... Object of My Affection, I think it was. Sigh. He's CUTE.

Where on earth were you shopping at midnight?!

Rob sounds amazing. Just wonderful.

Chantal said...

I just started reading twilight this weekend and I am almost half way through. It was a hard call last night, do I watch one of the 10 or so PVR'd shows I have been ignoring or do I read. Somehow I did both.

Katie said...

I was wondering if that movie was any good...will have to see it!

I want to see the American Girl doll photos!!