Monday, March 16, 2009

All Tied Up

Happy Monday, everyone! I feel like I've been such a sporadic blogger lately. I have a bunch of fun stories in my head, but keep procrastinating on getting them written down.


Kaeli officially started Spring Break, and, since I of course work all week, I want to take even more advantage of the weekends. She works really hard for a 1st grader, and I want her to have a nice time off. The weather was gross, so we went to see Race to Witch Mountain. It was so cute. I really loved it. It might be because of my little crush on Dwayne Johnson, though. Does anyone else have trouble NOT referring to him as The Rock? I know he's gone all actor on us, but I can't help hear the words "Do you smell what The Rock is cooking" every time I see him. I'm always anticipating him finishing off the other actors with a People's Elbow!

After the movie it was shopping time!

I'm beginning to think I might have a serious shopping problem. I really like to buy things. Like REALLY like to buy things. By "things" I generally mean clothes for Kaeli. I literally ran out of hangers for all of her clothes again after this weekend's adventures. I just can't pass up a good sale! The problem is that she has way too many clothes, and I have none. I swear I'm wearing the same things over and over, but she can go weeks without repeating an outfit. Clothes just look so much cuter on a 6 year old. I promised myself that I'm done buying her clothes for a while. It's my turn gosh darn it!!

This finally brings me to the actual reason I wanted to post today. I have a confession. Kaeli is 6 1/2 years old, and I've never taught her to tie her shoes. I know! I suck! What kind of parent am I? In the grand tradition of lazy parenting, all of Kaeli's shoes are some type of cute slip on. Her tennis shoes are all sparkly Sketchers with the fancy no-tie elastic laces. She can tie her robe and stuff, but we've just never gotten around to the shoe tying thing. Rob found this to be completely unacceptable and decided that he had to buy Kaeli a pair of shoes with actual laces.

She picked out the cutest pair of hi-top sneakers, which makes me laugh because the 80s are definitely back in full force if my 6 year old wants hi-tops. All she needs now is a pair of LA Gear with the double laces (I had pink and white laces) (do any of you other 80s kids remember what I'm talking about) (they were so cool) to be my childhood self reincarnate.

Get to the point, Kristi.


So we get home with these brand new lace up shoes. Rob and I get them all laced up and call Kaeli over for the shoe tying lesson. Her response, you ask?

"I already know how to tie my shoes. My friend at school showed me."

Then she proceeded to correctly tie her shoes, and left me sitting in the living room with my mouth hanging open.

So...Um...Yeah...Total FAIL in the parenting department!

At least she's not picking up sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll in the 1st grade hallway. Not that I know of anyway!!


Astarte said...

Can you send her over here to teach Patrick?! He doesn't know how, either. Josie did at that age, but then he's a Boy, and is soooo much more obstinate than she was about these things... ugh. Please, please, send her over. Hell, maybe she could hold a seminar and charge admission!

Melissa said...

Damn what a cute kid! Funny the things they learn from friends, sweet. However have to admit a lot of the fashion statements are seriously from the past and most times gives me the willies!!

Chantal said...

I hate to admit that my boy is 7.5 and he can't tie his own shoes. I just can't seem to find the time to show him. Or maybe I am too lazy of a teacher. I have tried and he is all thumbs it drives me nuts... Oh I am bad.

Cherish said...

Rayden only learned how to tie his shoes last summer, around the time he turned 7. It took a whole year of other kids helping him tie them at school before I cracked down and made sure he knew how. In the end, I think they are pretty much capable of finding a way to make up for our parneting fails.

Kristi said...

I don't know if this helps those of y'all teaching your kids, but Kaeli prefers the "2 bunny ears" method as opposed to the "1 loop and wrap around" method.

Does that even make sense?

TUWABVB said...

I can't believe she already knew! Too funny! Out of the mouth of babes, right?