Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Olympics 2020...Here We Come

Kaeli had her first gymnastics class today! She's been talking about trying gymnastics ever since her swimming class ended last month, so I thought she would be excited to start today. That is until we got there. She saw the other little girls and freaked. She begged me not to make her do it. Put me in the mean mom category because I made her. I don't want her to not try things just because she's scared. I was a little worried for the first few minutes of class. She was almost in tears during the beginning of warm-ups and stretches. It's so weird to me that 99.9% of the time she is a bubbly and fun little girl, but in new situations she becomes paralyzed with fear. She literally becomes a different kid. Fortunately, there was a really sweet coach that paid a little extra attention to her, and 5 minutes later she was laughing and having a great time.

I'm totally biased, but I thought she did great for her first time. I was seriously impressed with her balance beam skills. She's a total super star on it.(by super star I mean that she only lost her balance like twice) Of course her favorite was the trampoline exercises where the kids learn jumping techniques and stuff ('and stuff' is my gymnastics word for I have no idea what they are doing). There is one thing holding her back from greatness. The somersault. She can't do a somersault to save her life. It was hilarious watching her fall sideways over and over. I guess when we head to the Olympics her floor routine will suck, but at least she'll kill it on the beam!!!

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