Sunday, July 27, 2008

All is Well on the Home Front

Kaeli is back from her vacation, and life is back to normal. I'm caught up on all the new episodes of Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place, toys litter my living room, and discussions over a healthy snack versus an unhealthy snack have commenced. I know it's probably crazy, but I'm always amazed at how different she looks when she comes back from a trip with her grandparents. I swear in the 8 days she was gone, she got taller and more grown up. Half of me is proud that she is independent enough to handle a week away from me, and the other half is totally bummed that she is independent enough to handle a week away from me.

She sounds like she had a lot of fun, though. She went to a day camp with her cousins and has decided that she hates tennis because it's too hard, but she loves golf because she can hit the ball really far. That's a paraphrase of what she told me. She also came home with her very first American Girl doll courtesy of her great aunt. Her aunt ordered the doll to look like Kaeli, and she hasn't put it down once since she got home. Kaeli wants to get matching outfits with her doll. That idea alone is a little creepy, but I think it's even creepier that you can actually order matching outfits from the website. Now we have one more thing to become obsessed with. Hooray! I guess all things Disney Channel wasn't quite enough.

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april said...

i totally wanted to go into the american girl store in dallas! i heard all sorts of creepy things like you can have tea with your doll there or get her hair done! gosh i have so much to look forward to!