Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Girl and Her Dog

So this blogging thing is harder than I thought. I'm seriously not as interesting and funny as I thought I was.

My daughter is in Rhode Island living it up with her many 1st cousins once removed. Is it sad that one day I actually looked up the difference between 2nd cousins and 1st cousins once removed? (I totally just taught myself how to link that!!!) Anything to get out of doing actual work, right. She won't be home until Saturday, and I've realized that my life is seriously boring without her. She's like a constant source of entertainment. Don't get me wrong, I'm taking full advantage of my alone time. I never realized that I can get out of the house in the morning twice as fast without her there. I actually slept in today because I didn't need to get her ready or drop her off at her grandma's. I'm also trying to create my own mini version of While You Were Out in her bedroom. My plan is to have it totally redone before she gets home. Problem is, I'm super super lazy. I can't resist the pull of my comfy couch.

I thought I should leave y'all with a tidbit from a conversation with a 6 year old before she leaves for a whole week...

Me: Have fun. I'm going to miss you so so much.
Daughter: I'm really going to miss Maverick. You better take good care of my dog while I'm gone.


april said...

post pics of the while you were out reveal!!! please no hannah montanna please!!!

David Degenhardt said...

That sounds very much like a kid's response to leaving their pet behind. I remember when my dad got stationed in Germany, my whole objection to going with him was that we'd have to leave one of our pets in the states. It's pretty amazing to think that someone I went to highschool with has a six year old!

MaryB said...

Welcome to blogland! Looking forward to getting to know you. Your title alone makes me think that we could be fast friends. Your daughter is adorbale!