Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I think a discussion over proper use of a toilet seat is in my future

Remember how I casually mentioned that there was a reason I haven't been blogging much?

Well, I am ready to share it with the blogosphere.

Y'all are waiting with bated breath, aren't you?

Okay. Here it goes.


Wow. How is that for anticlimactic?

Rob and I have reached the threshold on the length of a long distance relationship , and we decided it was time that Kaeli and I moved to his city. I pretend like we spent so much time debating who's city we would move too, but really there was never that much doubt. I like Houston, but I don't LOVE Houston so it won't be too hard to say goodbye. (Peace out, hurricane season. I am so not scared of you anymore.) Plus, quite frankly, his job is just better than mine. We found a house (to rent, of course...i am so not ready for the responsibility of my own home), and I am officially moving in 2 1/2 weeks. We've talked about it for a while, and it feels so weird that the time is already here.

I didn't want to put it down on the blog until things were final, and all important people had been notified. (i.e. - My boss because even though no one at work really knows about my blog, it would be just my luck that someone would stumble upon it before I had the chance to say anything. Not that anyone I work with really even knows what a blog is.)

I found it impossible to pull together a coherent post when all I really wanted to do was announce the move. I tried a bunch of times, but always left the post unfinished. I guess now y'all get to be inundated with all of the mundane stuff that happened in the last month. Lucky!!

Well, I am so glad that is out of the bag.

In a couple of weeks, I will be living with a boy. So weird.


Kylie said...

Yay!! I bet it will all work out perfectly for you guys!!

Chantal said...

That is so cool! Can't wait to hear about all your new adventures.

Whimsy said...

Wow - that's exciting stuff! Good luck with the move!

Astarte said...

WOW! I'm so happy for you!!!! This sounds like a wonderful, wonderful thing for all of you. :)

Melissa said...

This is great! Next we'll have a link to Rob's blog? .. ? .. lol,

I can't wait for the future posts of the move/new house!

TUWABVB said...

I'm so sorry it took me so long to comment - moving is taking up a lot of my time and soon your time as well! I'm SO, SO excited for you! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear all about it - you guys will be so happy. Yea!

Izzy said...

Congrats! Living with a boy isn't too bad ... most of the time ;-) LOL

Katie said...